Magniva Titanium

by Alltech Store
1 kg.

Want the best for your cattle? Then you need the best for your forages. Optimize feed retention, quality and stability with the total forage protection solution... Magniva Titanium.

(10-Pack) 200 g. pouches

(4-Pack) 1 kg. pouches

For Use With
  • High-moisture corn (HMC), earlage, snaplage, baleage
  • Silages to be fed during warmer temperatures
  • Crops that are exposed to conditions that cause yeast and mold growth in the field e.g. drought, flooding, hail, frost and insect damage.
  • Haylages over 35% Dry Matter (DM)
  • Corn silages above 30% Dry Matter (DM)
  • Ensiling silage crops that will be transported or relocated.
General Information

Magniva Titanium helps to activate a fast front-end forage fermentation, improve digestibility and maintain aerobic stability to maximize the amount of top-quality silage available at feedout. The high dose rate of Lactobacillus buchneri NCIMB 40788 in Magniva Titanium is the only silage inoculant available that has been reviewed by the FDA and allowed to claim improved aerobic stability.


Pediococcus pentosaeceous 12455 - 100,000 CFU/g fresh forage. 150,000 CFU/g high-moisture corn.

Lactobacillus Buchneri 40788 - 400,000 CFU/g fresh forage. 600,000 CFU/g high-moisture corn.

Directions for Use

200 g. Pouch: Each water-soluble pouch treats 100 tons of fresh forage and 66 tons of high-moisture corn. Each case treats 1,000 tons of fresh forage and 660 tons of high-moisture corn.

1 kg.  Pouch: Each water-soluble pouch treats 500 tons of fresh forage and 333 tons of high-moisture corn. Each case treats 2,000 tons of fresh forage and 1,332 tons of high-moisture corn.

Cautions and Warnings

Always follow label directions: The use of any forage additive cannot be expected to overcome poor management. Proper storage and handling is important to forage inoculant performance. Products should be refrigerated, and the whole package should be used at one time. Mix the whole pouch at once and use within 48 hours. Keep mixed product 85 degrees or cooler.

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