Bio-Mos® Feed Supplement for Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Pigs, Poultry, Equine and Pets

by Alltech Store

Bio-Mos®  is a unique multi-species feed supplement for livestock, equine, buffalo/bison, poultry and pets

25 kg. (55.1 lb.) Bag

Product Features

  • Promotes good bacteria and enhances gut health
  • Maximizes feed utilization
  • Builds natural defenses

General Information

Bio-Mos® is a unique product derived from a selected strain of hydrolyzed yeast using a proprietary process developed by Alltech. Incorporate Bio-Mos® into animal diets to support gut integrity and overall animal performance. It can be included in the diets of food-producing animals and is effective during all phases of growth. Bio-Mos® is designed to promote good bacteria and build natural defenses, thereby maximizing performance and profitability.


Hydrolyzed yeast, corn distillers grains with solubles.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein (min) 30%
Crude fat (min) 1.4%
Crude fiber (max) 13%
Moisture (max) 8%

Directions for Use

Mix Bio-Mos with feed at the rates shown below:

Bio-Mos® for Beef Cattle:  Receiving cattle 20 g. day. Calf starter 4 lb./ton. Growing cattle 2 lb./ton. Beef cattle 10 g./day.
Bio-Mos® for Dairy Cattle:  10-20 g./day
Bio-Mos® for Pigs: Starter 4-6 lb./ton. Grower 2 lb./ton. Finisher 1 lb./ton. Gestation 4 lb./ton. Prefarrowing/Lactation 2 lb./ton
Bio-Mos® for Chicken:  Layer 1-2 lb./ton. Broiler 1-4 lb./ton 
Bio-Mos® for Turkeys:  Prestarter/Starter 2-4 lb./ton. Broiler 1-4 lb./ton
Bio-Mos® for Ducks:  1-2 lb./ton

Bio-Mos® for Horses:  2-4 lb./ton
Bio-Mos® for Dogs/Cats:  4 lb./ton
Bio-Mos® for Rabbits:  Starter 4 lb./ton. Grower 2 lb./ton
Bio-Mos® for Alpacas/Llamas:  2-4 lb./ton
Bio-Mos® for Buffalo/Bison:  10 g./day
Bio-Mos® for Sheep:  5 g./day

Store Bio-Mos® Pouch in a cool, dry place. Open containers should be resealed. With proper storage, the shelf life of Bio-Mos® Pouch is 18 months.  

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