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ChikPek is an innovative, welfare-enhancement pecking block, featuring palatable and durable qualities that can be introduced throughout any stage of poultry production.

ChikPek’s unique formulation diverts the chickens’ instinctive pecking behavior onto the ChikPek block, which maintains the welfare of the flock and prevents chickens from pecking each other.

Promote chick welfare and support natural behaviors with ChikPek

Hen or chicken pecking can be injurious and aggressive, causing losses in productivity, increases in medication costs and even mortality.

ChikPek is a formed block used to support the natural behaviors of birds. The non-medicated, non-toxic ingredients and nutrients used in ChikPek are safe to feed to poultry at every life stage and do not interfere with a flock’s regular nutrition program.

minimize pecking Helps minimize injurious chicken pecking
  Encourages instinctive foraging and exploratory behavior
Occupies and diverts attention from other chickens or hens
Doesn’t interfere with regular nutrition program
Safe to feed to all life stages and classes of poultry


Directions for use: ChikPek is recommended to be placed in the scratch area, other locations the birds visit frequently or locations where injurious pecking is observed. Place the block in an appropriate feeder or on the ground away from excessive moisture.

Routine application: 1 block per 1,000 birds
Mild pecking behavior: 1 block per 700 to 1,000 birds
Moderate pecking behavior: 1 block per 500 to 700 birds
Heavy pecking behavior: 1 block per 300 to 500 birds

Guaranteed analysis:

Crude Protein (Min) ......3.00%

Crude Fat (Min) ......1.00%

Crude Fiber (Max) ......3.00%

Calcium (Min) ......16.00%

Calcium (Max) ......19.20%

Phosphorus (Min) ......0.80%

Salt (Min) ......5.00%

Salt (Max) ......6.00%


Calcium Carbonate, Whole Milo, Rolled Corn, Whole Wheat, Whole Barley, Whole Sunflower Seeds, Oyster Shell, Soft Rock Phosphate, Cane Molasses, Lignin Sulfonate, Salt, Vegetable Oil.

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