McCauley's® Hydrolyte®

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Electrolytes for horses; restores the correct balance of electrolytes lost in equine sweat.


  • Restores the correct balance of electrolytes lost in equine sweat
  • Highly palatable
  • Low glycemic response
  • Dissolves easily in water


Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium, minimum


Calcium, maximum


Chloride, minimum


Magnesium, minimum


Potassium, minimum


Sodium, minimum


Sodium, maximum


Salt, minimum


Salt, maximum




Helps horses recover following intense exercise.

Helps replenish electrolytes lost due to exercise, stress and/or environmental conditions.

Unique formulation encourages drinking and facilitates rehydration. Equine sweat is hypertonic, meaning the level of electrolytes in sweat is greater than that in blood. As a result, even when horses are dehydrated, they may lack the desire to drink.

Added to drinking water, McCauley's® Hydrolyte® provides a more consistent taste and smell than other water sources. This is useful when horses are temporarily relocated (e.g., shows, events, etc.).

Electrolytes for horses; restores the correct balance of electrolytes lost in equine sweat.

Recommended for:

  • Performance horses (e.g., endurance horses, three-day eventers, racehorses, horses in training, etc.)
  • Horses in hot, humid conditions
  • During times of stress, when horses may sweat excessively (e.g., illness, traveling)
  • Horses subject to changing water sources

Feeding Instructions

Add 1–4 ounces of McCauley's® Hydrolyte® per bucket of water (a typical water bucket for horses is 5 gallons), or top-dress 1 ounce per pound or more of feed daily for an average-size riding horse (1,000–1,200 pounds).


Amount of McCauley's®
® per day*

Maintenance/Light Work

1–2 ounces

Moderate Exercise
(e.g., reining, dressage)

2–4 ounces

Intense Exercise
- Moderate Sweating (e.g., racehorses)
- Heavy Sweating (e.g., endurance)

2–4 ounces
6–12 ounces

* May be added to water or mixed with feed.

During competition, increase the level of McCauley's® Hydrolyte® slowly the week prior to the event, in order for the horse to receive at least 4 ounces per day a few days prior to the event, during the event and a few days after the event.

Daily recommendations may be increased or decreased depending on sweat loss, which is affected by intensity of exercise, environmental conditions (e.g., heat, humidity), body size and/or stress.

To promote drinking, McCauley's® Hydrolyte® should be added to a minimal amount of feed. Make sure fresh water is available for the horse to drink when feeding McCauley's® Hydrolyte®.

McCauley’s® Hydrolyte® is hydroscopic, meaning it has a high affinity for water. McCauley's® Hydrolyte® will absorb moisture from the air and clump if exposed to air too long. If this occurs, the product is still usable and can be crumbled to mix with feed or dissolved in water by stirring. To minimize clumping, reseal the packet by folding down the open edge a few times.

Electrolytes in equine sweat and McCauley's® Hydrolyte®


Sodium (mg)

Potassium (mg)

Chloride (mg)

Calcium (mg)

Magnesium (mg)

Range in 1 liter of equine sweat*






Amount in ½ ounce of Hydrolyte






*A list of reference articles is available upon request.

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